• Name: Nick "Von" Silvermoon
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Ex-Jester, aiming for Sovereign
  • Weapon: Steel dagger, lightweight shield
  • Element: Lightning (yellow)

(Created by VonSilvermoon on YouTube)

Nick is an independant mercenary, who was exiled from Jester due to his own emotional instability. While he tries to stay calm, Nick is someone who seems to lose himself to anger, which has caused him to get into quite a bit of trouble. He aims to try and get into Sovereign, unsure of when to approach for fear of his own anger causing him to strike out yet again.


Nick, who now prefers the name Von, comes from the Silvermoon family. With his father leaving the family when Nick was very young, and his younger sister and mother in constant arguement over every little thing that happens, Nick has always been surrounded by terrible human emotion. Eventually, Nick felt he needed to get away from what was angering him and wanted to pursue the life of a mercenary. Nick, being a rogue, found himself in Jester. However, shortly after joining, Zenith exiled him from the guild, fearing Nick's anger would threaten his guild members. Enraged by this, Nick attacked him, only to be brought down almost immediately. Zenith left a scar under his eye as a reminder of what his lack of control will do to himself. Since then, Von has become an independant, taking on various missions while training to control his anger. Nick's current goal is to be able to control his emotions to the point where he feels he can join a guild again aiming for Sovereign. A guild he feels will help him direct himself towards a better lifestyle than what he has ever experienced.


Though Nick is a rogue, his fighting style would be more towards that of a brawler. In training to balance his emotions he has also learned to balance speed and defense with a punching dagger and shield. When calm, Nick usually tries to not make the first strike, and only strikes when he can see a weakness within his enemy. When angered, he tends to go on a complete offense, almost losing every bit his self training ever taught him. Even with Lightning as his element, Nick hasn't been able to master it much at all, the only spell he can do he has called "jolt", a small bolt he can shoot out from his dagger a short distance. Though it sounds quick and effective, it currently only has the ability to deal nothing more than a small static shock.