• Name: Lynn Rhee
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Empress
  • Weapon: Staff
  • Element: Holy

(Created by Thosepaperstars on YouTube)


Lynn was abandoned as a baby by her irresponsible parents who eloped and left her to her aunt and uncle, who scorned her existence as a nuisance. Not wanting to take on a charity case, they drove her off far away to an orphanage in a small little town that was rundown and had limited food, if not scarce. Within the orphanage, she is often overlooked as it is crowded (and it doesn't help that she already outcast herself in isolation). Being overlooked, she tends to wander outside into the forest where she is accustomed and fond of. Because the orphanage was starting to crumble due to lack of funds, some were forced to starve, other were driven to the life of petty theft for survival; one that included Lynn Rhee. Realizing she had nothing to lose in the situation, she like some of the children from the orphanage decided to steal to cease their hunger. However, when she decided to back out at the last minute, it was seconds too late before she was caught. But it was then, that the guild, Empress decided to intervene and a kind stranger from the guild, had saved her. They saw the disposition the people was in, and to the villagers' delight, provided their generosity and kindness, helping all those in need. Impressed by that act of selflessness and benevolence, she was inspired; she wanted to be like that, to be strong and helpful. She was determined to work hard to be well respected and chivalrous and be part of Empress. Lynn devotes herself entirely to Empress, her new home and family, with the upmost respect for Lady Wendy.

Despite being abandoned, overlooked, and isolated she feels there's no point in looking back now that she found the present much more worthwhile and the future to look forward to. She's kind, friendly and outwardly open to others; amicable. As an adventurer, she is always packed for the occasion, carrying her backpack with equipment, especially her journal that includes detailed observations about anything she has come across, such as beneficial or poisonous plants, monsters, or maps.


She is able to heal, shield, and strengthen her comrades, and like most magicians, she could also teleport. Because most of her abilities are geared towards supporting her allies, her lack of physical strength or offensive attacks causes her to be a target in battle, which is the reason she is so dependent on her teammates and why is hardly seen without them. Despite her weakness, she makes it up in her defense.

Teleport: Transport to one area to another

Heal: Cures/restores

Barrier: puts up a shield either around her or her teammates to protect them from damage

Power Boost: Strengthens her teammates