• Name: Lydia "Lyd"
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Legion
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Element: Light

Character created by DontEatMyPiexD on YT

Overall kind but very hyper and sometimes crazy. Can be cruel with words if something truely bothers her. Always speaks her mind and tells her honest opinion on things. Total badass (or thinks she is.) Is very loyal to her guild, but respects the others.


Lydia grew up in forest lands with her parents and she was always seeking adventure. She normally spent her days hunting and roaming the forests learning about different plants and herbs. Although she hunted, she loved animals. After every hunt she would thank them for providing her and her family with food. This taught her that everything has a purpose in life. All she could dream about was going off on a journey and joining a guild. Her parents never supported the idea, and told her she wasn't good enough to make it into a guild. She decided that her goal was to prove them wrong. After years of practice she mastered the bow and decided it would be her main weapon of choice. After a lot of training and testing she finally got into Legion. Although she's reached a few of her goals/dreams, she is still insecure due to her parents lack in confidence in her. She would sometimes take things the wrong way and get easily offended. She likes to prove people wrong and she is pretty competitive. Due to growing up in a forest cabin, she didnt have many people around, so she's slightly socially awkward.(lulz) If theres a new person shes overally nice and hyper (awkward too). Lydia likes to think things through before she acts. This allows her to avoid danger and predict other peoples actions. She also obeserves and learns from other peoples mistakes instead of making her own. She's usually layed back and lazy but once competition arises or theres a battle shes not hesitant to take action. Was once in love with Jack from sovereign, but got annoyed that so many people were after him so decided to give up.


Expert on bow an arrow. Shes not very fast or strong. But she knows how to think ahead and never miss a shot. She can predict her opponents next move, and shoot arrows to the point where people think she's missed but it somehow makes its way to her target. Shoots arrows of light.