S o v e r e i g n 2 by ink cap-d3ckn6k

  • Season One: Sovereign Trio Arc
  • Episode 4: Out of Your Comfort Zone


In this episode, Shaun decides to take a trip to the library to satiate his curiosity concerning the creature that attacked him two episodes prior. He is confident he had seen the creature before, but he was simply not sure where. After a brief search, he finds A Summoner's Guide, written by Alynoias Farren, and reads up upon the art of summoning and the history behind it. Shaun considers the possibility that the monster that attacked him may have been a summoned spirit.

"Thousands of years ago, a group of sorcerers discovered a link to another dimension, capable of bringing summoned spirits into the world. At first, it seemed like a breakthrough discovery, as mages summoned beings to aid them in battle. Soon, though, disaster struck. The summonings wreaked havoc on the earth, destroying everything in their wake as they went out of control. Fortunately, a group of brave sorcerers gave their blood to seal the portal for eternity in hopes that no summoned being would return to the earth again."

Later, the three Sovereign novices undergo their first lesson with Adam, a Guild Master, who dares them to pass if they could knock him off his feet without the use of weapons. Naturally, Michael rushes in first, but is in for a harsh surprise when he learns of Adam's tenacious speed. Before he could embarass himself further, Shaun comes up with a plan for the three of them to rush Adam at once. Having succeeded at this, Adam congratulates the three and leaves.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Jack arrive at the Edelstein abandoned mines. Jack assumes energy crystals were what used to be mined there, and Melissa decides to test out for herself to see if the relic he had given her earlier was of that very same substance. It was not.

The two trudge deeper into the mine and climb into a small railway cart, which ends up going too fast and throwing them out -- right into the mine's center. After a quick walk, they find what appears to be a solid purple orb, which, by Jack's reckoning, is a pure energy crystal. Suddenly enamored with it, Melissa brushes her hand against the orb -- where she is immediately flooded with haunting images of summoned spirits and strange people dressed up all in black.

The pure energy crystal then explodes and envelopes the two mercenaries in a blinding white light.

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