Guild emblems

The five guilds in season one and two of the Sovereign Series circling the Royal Emblem

In the world of Sovereign, mercenaries join mercenary guilds during their final year of mercenary school/training and become full-fledged members at their graduation. Mercenary guilds are organized by the Guild Council, which is a council of the leaders of all the guilds. These guilds are headed by guild leaders and follow the guild hierachy. Guilds accept and distribute merecnary contracts to their members.

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Guild Hierarchy

Guild History

Guild Council

Dark Ages

Guilds by Region

Core Guilds of Dehlia

The mercenaries from the guilds of Dehlia wear capes to distinguish themselves from each other.

Core Guilds of Loire

The mercenaries from the guilds of Loire wear rings to distinguish themselves from each other.

Guilds of the Eastland

  • Night
  • Synergy

The mercenaries from the guilds of the Eastland have no distinguishable markers.

Merchant's Ring

  • Prospect

The merchants from the ring carry tokens to distinguish themselves.

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