• Name: Billy
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Guild: Sapphire
  • Weapon: 2-Handed Sword (Dusk Raven)
  • Element: Ice, Time

(Character created by wlcaclwa)

Spends time sleeping on the grass. Billy is a quiet and cheerable guy. He can brighten someone's day without any hesitation. When he encounters a battle, he always pulls out his trusty Dusk Raven. Dusk Raven controls time as in Winning the battle will be easiler for him. Selfish at times too.


Billy was abbandoned in a strange cave in the snow. He was looked after for 13 years by a strange monster. After a few months after he left the cave, He went out for an adventure. He found a sword which allows him to control Time. After he slayed evil monsters that are coming in his way, he then saw a portal which leads him to another dimension. When he first woke up. He saw people staring at him. He ran away and hoping to find one of his friends there. This is when he was found by the guild "Sapphire" when they saw Billy behind the dumpster. After Billy was accepted in Sapphire, he started training the Time Element, which gives him the full potential of an Ice Warrior.


Ice Burst: Casts a burst of ice from the ground and stun the enemy.

Time Strike: Stops the time for 3seconds. Slashes and send the enemy flying with 10rapid hits.

Hi-Ougi: Perfect Timing: Stops the time while performing an arte(Skill) Allows him to combo. When they opponent is freezed on air, the skill Freezing Rapid Slash will be available.

(Freezing Rapid Slash): Jumps up and Dusk Raven will split into 5blades. Piercing through the enemy 5times grabbing a sword each turn. (Works only when Perfect Timing is used).